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Signing-Out of Google Chrome

Google’s change to the Chrome has forced some information security specialists to reassess their use of the web browser due to concerns about user privacy and trust. Here is one article from that describes why the cryptographic engineer won’t be using Chrome going forward.

The real purpose of the feature seems unclear, we prefer it when our web browsers don’t know who we are. For this reason we do not sign-in to Chrome or use the pocket feature in FireFox. Perhaps the motives of Googleare innocent enough. But Google logs you in automatically when you login to Google services like Gmail, meaning that you opt-out to avoid the feature. Whereas you opt-in to use the pocket feature in FireFox.

As of Chrome browser version 70 you can now opt-out of automatic Chrome login. You can do this from the “Settings” and search for “Allow Chrome sign-in”:



You need to restart the web browser for the changes to take effect. Before restarting you might also want to clear you Google cookies. Navigate to Google, and press either CTRL+SHIFT+I or F12 to open the Developer tools. Select Application > Cookies and clear all cookies.


We really hope that Google decides to disable the feature by default, making this article irrelevant. Alternatively, they could remove the feature altogether.

We hope this helps, @SanitySecurity